Workouts for Softball Players: The Four BEST Exercises (2023)

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Training for softball players can make a huge difference in performance...ifwell done. The four exercises shown below are a great foundation for any girl's lower body strength and conditioning, and will reap huge benefits when integrated into a consistent workout routine. Fastpitch players need workouts that emphasize core, lower body and upper body strength.

In this article you will learn how to perform the Goblet Squat, Monster Walk, 1-Leg Squat and Sliding leg curl.

Four great exercises to include in your softball workouts

These strength exercises are both great for beginners and very effective. The most important thing is that players stay safe as they get stronger, and this is a great place to start. The position you play is also important, so check out my article on the different requirements of eachsoftball position.

I also recently filmed a detailed video on how to build your own strength training fastpitch. Check it out below.

Recommended reading: how to buildSoftball strength training.

If you are looking for a great softball-specific strength training program for your team or an individual player, be sure to check out our new softball strength program calledEarly work.

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Softball practice early at work

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First, great core drills for teams to do on the field

In this video below, I discuss four of my favorite core exercises that can be done on the field, at home, or anywhere.

Team workouts for softball players are great for building strength, speed and a strong work ethic in the weight room or during training. If you're a coach looking for a great workout to practice, these core exercises are great.

Use these exercises as go-tos for players who need more core stability.

1. Goblet-squat

The goblet squat is the easiest, safest and best way to learn how to squat. It builds strong legs and can help a player throw faster, hit harder and sprint faster. It's a great all-round exercise.

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We start most softball players at 15 pounds if they are new to the exercise. Start light, learn the form and progress over time. Once a player can do 45 pounds for 10 reps, we move on to the Front Squat.

The goblet squat is great because it's easy, very safe and teaches excellent squat form.

2. De Dumbbell Reverse Lunge

The dumbbell reverse lunge is a great exercise for the court and helps build lateral hip strength and stability over the knee. Going backwards is actually very knee-friendly, so don't think the step backwards is a random choice - backward lunges are actually easier on the knees than forwards.

Workouts for Softball Players: The Four BEST Exercises (2)

Since ACL injuries are very common among female athletes, one-legged exercises are a must and help prevent these injuries. Strength training for softball should include injury prevention.

One-legged exercises are also important in throwing, as lateral hip strength is an important part of good throwing technique. Check out this article for more informationthrowing mechanics and exercisesfor fastpitch players.

Three sets of 10 per leg is a good start 1-2 times a week.

These are a lot harder than they look! Not only do they build leg strength, but they also help improve knee tracking (great for injury prevention) and lateral hip control.

3. Laterale bandwandeling

Each individual athlete at our facility does lateral band walks or one of four or five other exercises that specifically target the lateral hips. We strongly believe in injury prevention, and the lateral band walk can help fastpitch players stay healthy for longer.

The lateral band walk builds lateral hip strength, which—again—is key to helping prevent knee injuries. This is a great warm up, but do itrequire a specific type of tire.[affiliate-link]

Required equipment: mini tires

The lateral tire walk requires tires and I recommend the brands listed below. This is definitely an exercise girls can do on the court that is both easy and effective when it comes to injury prevention. An $11 investment can pay off in reducing injuries for your team.

Amazon sells the tapes for this exercise.You can find them hereor using the Amazon links above.

4. Glide Leg Curl

The sliding leg curl CRUSHES the hamstrings, which are sorely overlooked in the workout.

Squats and lunges are great leg builders, but they target the quadriceps (front of the thigh) much more than the glutes or hamstrings, which are absolutely crucial for sprinting faster, throwing faster, or going down the mound faster (throwers!) to push off.

Equipment Required: Sliders

These can be easily performed at homesliders that only cost a few dollars.They can be found on Amazon. [affiliate link].

These are exercises we do with every athlete we train, and they make a world of difference. This exercise is especially great for entire teams or larger groups. The hamstrings are critical to improving sprint speed and reducing the incidence of quad strains and knee injuries.

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Workouts for Softball Players: The Four BEST Exercises (3)

These are great to start with right away, and when choosing strength exercises for softball players, thinking about injury prevention should always be at the top of your list of priorities.

Start with three sets of 10 reps for each exercise 1-2 times a week.

Arm strength exercises for Fastpitch

For more training videos, check out my YouTube channel.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more softball workouts

I like to teach, so check outmy video tutorials and instruction- it was created to help players and coaches like you.

And try the Early Work Program, designed especially for softball players.

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Workouts for Softball Players: The Four BEST Exercises (4)

All recommended strength equipment

Check out the list of equipment I recommend below. They are all great products that I have used and recommend.

BONUS Video #1 - Slow Motion Infield Throwing Technique and Footwork

If your arm strength isn't as good as you'd like, check out this YouTube video below.

It explores the key factors why some players throw harder than others, and what you can do to improve your throwing speed. It takes about 8 minutes and is well worth it.

I make videos to help softball players improve their throwing, fitness and mental play. My goal is to apply some of the research the baseball industry is doing to fastpitch. Some of the best strength training exercises for softball have come from other sports, so there's a lot to learn.

Bonus Video #2: Throwing Mechanics for Catchers

Every catcher needs an arm strong enough to keep runners at bay. If your throw needs to work, check out the video below with seven slow motion examples.

Catching is hard, so work hard on improving your throws and footwork.

Listen to My Softball Podcast with loads of training advice

The Softball podcast from Goed Advies is a quick and easy listening experience for the softball player, parent or coach!

Want more articles on softball workouts?

Minewebsite for softball trainingonly website with tons of great content. Here are a few articles worth reading:

There are more nice articles on itSnap Softball, so check it out and share it with a friend!

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Workouts for Softball Players: The Four BEST Exercises (5)

Training for Softball - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question? Read my answers below and leave a comment!

What are good softball workouts?

A workout should include lower and upper body exercises, be safe yet challenging. Exercises like the goblet squat, reverse lunge, sliding leg curl, mini band shuffle, mini band monster walk, and TRX row are great exercises for beginners.

What is a good squat exercise for softball?

The goblet squat and front squat are two versions that, while requiring good form and coaching, are easy to learn. These exercises are very safe with proper supervision and have a huge effect on overall body and leg strength.

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