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The air conditioner's primary job is to cool the air in your acclimatized environment, but how does it circulate this air far enough for you to enjoy it? The task of circulating the cooled air throughout your home falls to the AC fan motor. But if something were to go wrong with this important part, the entire function of the AC could be compromised.

In the following article, we'll look at some of the most important things you need to know about keeping your AC blower in good working order.

What is a fan motor on an air conditioner?

The fan motor is an essential part of the AC system. It blows the cool air into the interior of your house via the ventilation system. The fan motor itself turns the blades of the fan which move the air and circulate it throughout the house. Two different types of fan motors can achieve this.

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How does an AC fan motor work?

The fan motor is what makes the fan work and keeps the air circulating around the room. This allows air to pass over and through the evaporator coils. Within therinse evaporator, ofrefrigerator gasis what absorbs the heat from the air and then sends it to the outside of the house. Then the cooled air can be routed through the ductwork and routed through the ventilation shafts to each room of the house.

As you can see, the fan motor has an essential job in the function of the AC unit. If this important part fails, the rest of the air conditioner will also become unusable.

How much do fan motor replacements cost?

This can depend on several factors; the average AC fan motor costs about $400 for a new replacement. But you can probably find a second-hand option that costs about half if you shop around.

Here are some of the essential factors to consider when calculating the cost of a new AC fan motor.

  • Manufacturing brand
  • Year of manufacture
  • Condenser
  • Type motor in assembly
  • Size of the AC system - larger AC units will use larger fans
  • If the OEM motor designed for this AC is not available, equivalent matches are required that perfectly match the voltage, RPM and power of the original.

How do I know if my AC fan motor needs to be replaced?

Here are some of the most common signs that your air conditioner fan motor is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced.

1. Weak airflow

The first and most obvious problem is if your air conditioner's airflow through the vents is slow and weak. This means that theventilatordoes not function optimally.

2. No airflow

Similarly, if you see no airflow coming through the vents, it's a good indication that something is wrong with the fan and it has become completely useless. When this happens, the entire motor must be replaced. But there may be other reasons why your air conditioner's airflow has stopped working. Some of the most common are a faulty thermostat, bad battery or relay, or even a fan control issue. Unless you have extensive experience troubleshooting these faults, it's a good idea to have a qualified AC technician check the system and determine exactly what the problem is.

3. Overheating

There are several issues that can cause the fan motor to overheat. The most obvious is a buildup of dirt, hair, and other obstructions interfering with the fan motor's functionality. This allows the fan motor to work harder and heat up. The best way to handle this problem is to restore your AC to full functionality with a professional technician.

4. Strange noises

Strange noisescoming from your AC motor are another indication that your fan and fan motor are not functioning optimally. If you hear noises such as banging, rattling, rattling, screaming or screeching coming from your air conditioner, it could be a sign that something is wrong or has come loose. Some of these problems can be repaired, but others require the complete replacement of your engine.

Sometimes the noises can be like a loud banging, indicating that something is not connected properly or has become damaged in some other way. When this happens, the entire fan motor must be replaced.

5. Unusually high energy consumption

The fan motor in the AC unit is the component that consumes the most energy. If you notice that your energy bill is running particularly high and you're not sure why, the problem could be a problem with your fan motor. This is usually caused by an older, dirty, or faulty fan motor working extra hard to circulate cooled air throughout the house. This extra load causes the engine to use more power to accomplish its task.

If your air conditioner has a single speed motor and it is getting old, you can save on your energy costs by replacing it with a variable speed motor. These more advanced fan motors adapt power consumption to varying cooling needs; this drastically reduces the energy consumption of the unit.

How long should an AC fan motor last?

A fan motor can last 10 to 15 years. Some of the better designed and constructed fan motors have sealed bushings and bearings and can last as long as 20 years. A good way to extend the life of your fan motors is to regularly clean the vents and ducts of your home and AC system.

What can cause a fan motor to stop working?

One of the most common reasons why your fan motor has stopped working is that the resistor has failed, often due to overheating or corrosion. In some other cases, the rotation of the motor may be hindered by mechanical resistance. This creates an electrical charge that causes the motor to overheat and can prematurely burn out the resistor. This usually happens when the bearings in the motor are worn out and not spinning properly. Other causes may be the presence of a foreign object in the engine preventing the engine from running properly.

Why is the fan motor so loud?

If loud rattling or screeching sounds are coming from your AC fan motor, the bearings inside may be compromised. To avoid this, the fan must be kept slim and well lubricated, otherwise the fan may start making loud noises and then fail altogether.

Can an AC blower motor be repaired?

It is practically impossible to repair an AC fan motor once it is broken or malfunctioning, and the best course of action is to replace it with a new or second-hand fan motor. If there is sufficient power, but the fan is not operating properly, it is reasonable to assume that the fan needs to be replaced.

How to replace the fan motor


Hopefully, this article has given you a good idea of ​​what the fan motor is, how it works, and how to prevent it from failing prematurely. We hope that this information will help you keep your air conditioner in good working order so that you can enjoy comfortable temperatures on the hottest days. If you start having problems with your fan motor, don't hesitate to contact us.

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